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Reclaiming Your Life After a Severe Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that a person can experience. In addition to the physical and emotional damage that occurs, many face long-term disability and disruption to their way of life.

Severe spinal cord injuries result in the loss of function and the need for extensive medical care. Protecting your legal rights after suffering a severe spinal cord injury is an important step in recouping your financial and personal losses.

Understanding Severe Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are the result of trauma to the nerves of the spinal cord, which is responsible for allowing communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

There are many types of injuries including compression, contusion, and laceration of the spinal cord. Common causes of severe spinal cord injuries include automobile and workplace accidents, electrocution, sports activities, and injuries from gunshot or stab wounds.

Individuals who suffer a severe spinal cord injury can experience paralysis, loss of sensation, and the loss of functions related to the autonomic nervous system, which includes regulation of the bladder and bowels.

The permanent disability that occurs from severe spinal cord injuries causes devastating effects on the lives of individuals and their loved ones.

The Long-Term Impact of Severe Spinal Cord Injuries

Severe spinal cord injuries permanently alter the way of life for those they affect. The most difficult aspects of these injuries include the many changes a person has to make in a life of disability. This leads to emotional upset, financial hardships, and strained relationships.

Issues related to a severe spinal cord injury may require long-term physical therapy and medical treatments. Problems related to circulation and respiration require complex treatment and care.

An individual who has suffered a spinal cord injury may be at a higher risk for clotting issues such as thrombosis or pulmonary embolus. Circulatory issues can also lead to blood pressure complications that may be life threatening.

Spinal cord injuries can make breathing difficult as a result of trauma to the respiratory muscles in the abdomen and chest. The risk of pneumonia and other respiratory problems can also result after a spinal cord injury.

Spasms of the muscles and increased sensitivity or pain are commonly seen in spinal cord injury cases. Other health issues also arise as an indirect result of the injury to the spinal cord.

Getting Legal Protection After a Severe Spinal Cord Injury

Getting the compensation that’s rightfully yours is essential to restoring your livelihood after a severe spinal cord injury. You need to consult with an experienced legal professional to discuss the details of your injury.

An attorney who understands spinal cord injuries can provide the information and resources you need. Working with all of the parties involved and understanding the insurance process lets you resolve your claims quickly.

Spinal cord injuries result in the loss of wages, significant medical expenses, and the ongoing costs associated with physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Obtaining a full evaluation of the impact that a severe spinal cord injury has had ensures that you receive full compensation under the law. Any individuals or organizations that are liable must be held accountable in order to provide you with a fair compensation.

Determining the impact of a severe spinal cord injury is a critical component to moving forward towards recovery.

Understanding the effects of severe spinal cord injuries and the ways you can protect your rights helps you reclaim your life and reduce the impact it can have on you and your family.


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