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Recovering the Loss Resulting From Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries have long-lasting effects on the health, function, and financial wellbeing of individuals from all walks of life.

When a catastrophic injury occurs, it affects your family and loved ones. It robs you of the most fundamental aspects of your livelihood.

That’s why catastrophic injuries require specialized legal representation in order for you to get the protection and compensation you deserve. A skilled attorney ensures that you minimize the extent of the damages should you ever fall victim to a catastrophic injury.

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury occurs when there’s a significant level of injury to the brain or spine. This includes damage to the vertebrae of the spine as well as the bones of the skull.

The effects of a catastrophic injury prevent individuals from continuing to perform any form of gainful employment. It leaves them with irreversible damage and disabilities that last a lifetime.

The following are just some examples of catastrophic injuries:

  • Head traumas
  • Loss of limbs
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Burns
  • Paralysis (paraplegia, quadriplegia)

Catastrophic injuries are typically a result of automotive, industrial, and sporting accidents. Falls and violent attacks also lead to these types of injuries.

Medical negligence during surgeries or accidental procedures can result in the serious effects of catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic Injury Effects

Catastrophic injuries affect individuals, their family, and friends. In most cases, they require constant care that can put a strain on the finances and other resources of loved ones.

The medical costs associated with treating and rehabilitating a catastrophic injury can push an individual into significant debt. It can take years to pay off the medical bills related to their injuries.

Damage to the nervous system leads to long-term dysfunctions in other parts of the body including the digestive, hormonal, and musculoskeletal systems.

Although you can receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of income, you need to have the right legal representation to ensure that all of your rights are fully protected.

Legal Protection for Catastrophic Injuries

Individuals can file a personal injury claim when a catastrophic injury has resulted from the negligence of another party. Compensation will directly influence the livelihood of an individual who has suffered such an injury.

Catastrophic injuries are also classified according to their level of damage and include the following:

  • Head or neck injury that does not result in a permanent disability
  • Permanent disability and loss of function
  • Fatality

An attorney with experience in catastrophic injuries can help you navigate the different aspects of filing a personal claim for a catastrophic injury. They can also help you with what may be the most important factor of all: determining the true value of your claim.

One of the challenges of catastrophic injury claims is proving the extent of its damage. This is critical to the long-term wellbeing of an individual, as the financial compensation will help provide medical assistance and the recovery of lost wages.

It can also provide compensation for the pain and suffering of the victim and loved ones.

In addition, current legislation may limit the compensation that can be provided for damages that are deemed “non-economic”. Having a skilled and experienced injury attorney lets you get the compensation you deserve.

Catastrophic injuries are devastating to the livelihood and financial wellbeing of individuals. They can result from a wide range of events and require skilled legal protection in order for you to receive just compensation.

Determining the value of your claim and proving the extent of your injuries ensures that you’re fully compensated under the law so that you can begin to move forward in the recovery process.


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